FrontlineSMS:Radio is developing software which will assist community radio stations to interact dynamically with audiences by harnessing the power of SMS text messaging. Radio represents the dominant media source for many and SMS is increasingly being used by radio stations to facilitate two-way communication with listeners. FrontlineSMS:Radio will be built on the core technology of FrontlineSMS, a freely downloadable, open source software which assists with the management of SMS using a laptop and mobile phone or GSM modem. FrontlineSMS enables users to send and receive text messages with large groups of people without requiring Internet access. Giving Radio Listeners A Voice

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How radio can be a conversation (not a lecture) and a jukebox (not a playlist)

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Airtime is an awesome piece of software built by Sourcefabric which lets radio stations take control of programming via the web. It includes intelligent archive management, powerful search, a simple scheduling calendar, smart playlists, live assist, stream rebroadcast and rock-solid automated playout. To mark World Radio Day 2013, FrontlineSMS:Radio’s Amy O’Donnell wrote a post for Sourcefabric’s
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Star FM in Zimbabwe ensure Young People are the Stars

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Star FM in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was established in October 2000 to address a specific need for a platform to allow young people living in the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province to discuss issues affecting them. The founders also realized that there was no radio station targeted at youth in the country. Although Star FM does not have a license
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