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Hundreds of radio stations around the world use Frontline to engage with their listeners, communities, and contributors. The combination of radio broadcasts + mobile interaction lifts voices, creates pathways to sustainability, and opens entirely new opportunities for content. Outlets from BBC Media Action to Radio Free South Sudan use Frontline to build better broadcast.

Now, we’re giving the tools they use to engage to you. When you sign up for Frontline + Radio, you’ll get a version that has the most commonly used Radio activities pre-built for you. Click on the Getting Started page to start growing your engagement now!

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Frontline + Radio is tailored to radio DJs' needs, providing real-time engagement at the click of a button. You’ll see it most in our Activities section, where we’ve included Contests, Polls, and Song Requests – just to get you started.

Is there something else you do at your radio station that you’d like to help us build? Get in touch, we’re here to help!

Run a Contest — All you have to do is set a keyword and then let your listeners know where to text! The first person to reply wins. Frontline will tell you and the winner that they’ve won, so you can announce it on-air.

Quick Poll — You can publish a survey to all your subscribers at the push of a button. This survey will send a question and series of multiple choice answers to a specified group or list of users. Users can reply using keywords that will automatically tabulate and graph responses, telling you what your listeners are saying in real time.

Request a Song — Use this Activity to open up the request line and let the audience select a song. Just set up a keyword (like “request”), followed by a song title and this will show up in the inbox so that you can cue up which requests should be played next.

Radio is the world’s most popular and powerful broadcast medium and SMS is the world’s most popular two-way engagement channel. Frontline combines the power of the world’s most used platforms to achieve your goals – and it’s just the beginning. With Frontline + Radio, we’re building better engagement so you can broadcast a better conversation.

By adding Frontline’s two way messaging to traditional media channels like radio, you can reach a whole new level of engagement and action as part of your existing outreach strategy.